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Positive dog training 

We would all like to learn in a safe and secure environment. That goes for people and dogs! Your dog has the same emotions that you do. Ethically, I believe their feelings and intelligence should guide how we interact with them. Scientific studies reinforce this need to change how we have traditionally viewed them. Positive dog training ensures you and your dog learn at your own pace, without pressure and attentive to everyone’s emotions. Positive dog training involves reinforcing desired behaviours with rewards and praise, rather than punishment. This approach helps build a strong, trusting relationship between you and your furry friend. It is important that our dogs feel confident, secure, and excited to learn. I teach mutual cooperation and how to communicate quickly and effectively by understanding your dog’s body language, to build happy relationships. 

Behaviour consulting 

Is your dog experiencing more complex issues requiring a behaviour consultation? As a Certified L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediator®, I will help you understand the ‘why’ of your dog’s behaviour by looking at their LEGS – Learning, Environment, Genetics and Self. The combination of these elements makes your dog a unique individual and drives their behaviour. Dogs need to feel safe and we should not assume that it is easy for them to live in our modern world. Dogs were bred to perform particular roles that they no longer have access to in the urban environment. I will conduct a detailed behavioural assessment, tailoring a behaviour modification plan that addresses yours and their needs. I am an experienced consultant on the following issues: separation anxiety, generalised anxiety, aggression, resource guarding, over arousal, trauma, rescue dogs, timidity or fear of dogs, people or children, excessive barking, etc.

portrait of a dog demonstrating whale eye

Why choose Pet Pursuits for positive dog training and behaviour consulting?

Kirsten has helped me so much with my dog, above and beyond what I could have imagined. Pocky is a 9 year-old rescue German Shepherd who unfortunately had a rough start to life and suffers from quite severe anxiety. Kirsten’s advice to overcome/manage Pocky’s behavioural issues has been invaluable!

Portrait of a German Shepherd DogKaren Ingram

Jac and I recently adopted Mabel Lyon an 8 week old cavoodle puppy. Committed to ensuring she has the best life and has the confidence to navigate the world around her, we reached out to Kirsten to seek professional guidance on what behaviours we needed to adjust and how we work with Mabel to support her through the stages of her development. We are so grateful for her tutelage. We are much more confident in ourselves and feel like we have set our tribe up to succeed knowing Mabel has the best foundational support, positive training practices that are based on safety, love, kindness and empathy to her individual needs. We cannot wait to see little Mabel thrive and know that Kirsten will be there along the way to support our crew.

Mabel, the Cavoodle puppy being trainedMeredith Bower
Just wanted to say thank you for the help you gave us with our toy poodle, Link. Before seeing you he was very anxious around our 3 year old twin girls, would ignore our commands, was very difficult to walk and would go crazy when the door bell rang. After only a few lessons with yourself…
Brett Needham, Northcote
Shortly after learning we were pregnant and moving into a new house, we contacted Kirsten as we wanted our Beagle pup to have a happy and secure transition into this new world we found ourselves. At this stage we believed that although graduating from puppy school that she didn’t know her own name…
Jenelle Ryan, Reservoir
We contacted Kirsten in April 2014, after engaging in a number of unsuccessful (and unpleasant) training sessions with other dog schools in the local area. Our 9-month Cavoodle Molly Ringwald was fearful of other dogs and in need of socialisation. Alongside this, we wanted to learn some key training techniques…
Kate Duncan, Coburg
I would highly recommend doing some sessions with Kirsten to learn the art of rewards based training. Kirsten is very professional and focuses on teaching you the skills you need to be able to continue training your dog well into the future. We did weekly private sessions with Kirsten…
Chris Kamen, Coburg Nth
Kirsten is by far the most skilled dog trainer I have ever met. My dog took to her instantly, and the techniques she has taught me have set me up in shaping a dog that is a joy to be around and polite and friendly with other pooches. I cannot recommend her enough.
Portrait of an English Mastiff puppyJames Spence, Reservoir

Positive dog training and behaviour consulting in home or online, Melbourne

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