About Pet Pursuits

WolfCub, Kirsten and Phoenix
WolfCub, Kirsten and PhoenixDog trainer and photographer

Who Am I?

HELLO. My name is Kirsten Bowers. I have been passionate about animals ever since I spent my early years working with and training horses for gymkhana events. My first dog as an adult was a Belgian Shepherd Groenendael called WolfCub and I have recently taken on a new one called Phoenix. I cannot say how much both these dogs have enriched my life, and they have taught me much about training working dogs, or dogs who are a challenge to their owners.  I am a rewards based trainer and a strong believer in Suzanne Clothier’s Relationship Centered Training.  Pet Pursuits Dog Training focuses on giving you and your puppy/dog, the best education using scientifically proven positive reinforcement training – the fun way to learn for all!

I will help you achieve:

  • A happy and rewarding relationship

  • Effective and quick communication
  • Calmness and cooperation

Belgian Shepherds laying down

Phoenix and WolfCub

Qualifications & Experience

In addition to over 10 years experience working in the dog training/pet care industry, I have completed Canine and Behavioural Management Courses run by Dr Jacqui Ley, a Veterinarian Behaviourist, and Jennifer Wilcox, a Delta Canine Good Citizen™ Instructor and Assessor. I have attended many seminars on animal behaviour, including those held by Dr Ian Dunbar, a world leading rewards based trainer, Dr Debbie Calnon and Dr Gabrielle Carter, Veterinarian Behaviourists,  as well as Dr Katrina Gregory, animal behaviourist and trainer.

In 2013 I was invited to participate in author and trainer Kaye Hargreaves mentorship program. Kaye was, in turn, mentored by Dr Ian Dunbar. In addition to bi-weekly classes and information sessions, I also completed ‘Creative and Advanced Dog Training’ as well as ‘Introduction to Treibball’, with her Wagging School. In that year I gained valuable knowledge and experience of luring, shaping, targeting, clicker based training and learning theory. In August 2015 I attended a two day workshop, ‘Connection, Cooperation and Control,’ with American author and trainer, Suzanne Clothier – her focus is a holistic and relationship centred one with our dogs. In March 2016 I completed ‘Growl Class – A workshop Demo for Reactive Dogs’ by Dr Ian Dunbar. This course focused on how to use classical and operant conditioning to re-socialise dogs, with foundation work to build calm, control and connection.

In August 2017 I attended a Fear Aggression seminar on Dogs. In December 2018 I completed Dr Ian Dunbar’s Biting and Fighting seminar. I regularly engage in professional development to ensure my skills remain at the forefront of the latest research with regards to positive reinforcement, relationships between people and dogs, and understanding behaviour.

When not training dogs, I am equally passionate about photography: I am an established and well known photographer of (mainly) animals, and have often been complimented on my ability to capture the expressions and souls of my subjects, evidence of my close bond and understanding of our companions. All of the images on this website were taken by me. If you wish to find out more, you can visit wolf shadow photography, facebook or the Gallery page.