Behaviour consultation and Family Dog Mediation®

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Behaviour consultation

An in home or online behaviour consultation is required when your dog is struggling emotionally. This could look like fear or too much excitement. Do they experience separation distress? Do they struggle with dog to dog reactivity either on lead or off? Is there aggression or over arousal? Is your dog fearful of people or children? Do they bark excessively? Is there destructive chewing and digging? These issues are not uncommon, but they can cause suffering both for us and our dogs. 

I adopt a holistic approach when conducting behavioural assessments, and this entails looking at all the details of your dog’s life.  Part of behaviour consulting is learning about your dog’s individual needs. As you and your dog are unique beings, I will tailor a specific plan that addresses yours and their respective needs. A behaviour modification plan will include specific exercises and techniques to help your dog learn new, calmer behaviours around what is triggering them.  This will teach greater emotional regulation. Whether follow up sessions are required will depend on the severity of the issues. A number of follow up emails or phone calls are part of of the cost of the behavioural consultation.

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Family Dog Mediator®

A L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediator® is a professional who has received specialised training in the field of applied ethology. Applied ethology is the study of the behaviour of dogs in their (captive) urban environments. Our dogs are no longer in nature, as they were even as little as 40 years ago.

As a Family Dog Mediator®, I am professionally trained to assess and help families address any challenges they may be facing. These include behavioural issues, training, or communication problems. L.E.G.S.® refers to Learning, Environment, Genetics and Self. The L.E.G.S.® method is a unique and holistic approach that focuses on understanding not only on dog language and behaviour, but just as importantly, genetics. Many of our dogs are unable to express the natural behaviours they were bred for and this can create problems. 

Family Dog Mediation® uses a scientifically-based approach that takes into account the dog’s natural behaviour and needs, as well as the family’s lifestyle and dynamics.