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Dog training

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  • Dog training an Aussie Shepherd
  • Dog training a Belgian Shepherd

Gentle dog training

The best way to meet all your goals of creating a happy dog and productive bond between all of you, is through positive reinforcement, also known as rewards based dog training – scientifically proven to be the fastest and most fun way to train dogs…and people!

Positive leadership

This method of dog training teaches dogs to accept us as leaders through our control of all the resources that the dog desires and requiring that they willingly work for these items instead of getting them for free. The aim is to use all valued resources to reward desirable behaviours while at the same time removing the rewards for undesirable behaviour. The rewards may be food, toys or anything the dog finds motivating in that moment, whether it be at the park or at home. The relationship is one of exchange, based on “you do what I want, and you get what you want.” Your dog will get rewards (food, games, park, freedom, toys, sniffing, walking etc) for doing what is asked of him/her and you will get a dog you can live with, who is a joy – and a dog who knows their place in the family pack .

Dog training & behaviour modification for these issues:

  • Teaching calmness for puppies/dogs who jump up, nip, bark or other unruly behaviour.

  • Good leadership based on positive interactions so your dog behaves well and is attentive.

  • Heeling or walking nicely on a loose lead.

  • Coming reliably when called, especially when distractions are present.

  • Teaching your dog to sit, stay, lie down and stand.

  • Toilet training.

  • Timid/fearful puppies or dogs.

  • Calm greetings with other dogs, people and when the doorbell rings.

  • Separation anxiety.

  • Timidity or fear aggression around other dogs, people or children.

  • “Relax on mat”, to reduce attention seeking, teach calmness  and thereby help eliminate anxiety and other unwanted behaviours.

  • Games (such as retrieving) and tricks that include “say your prayers,” “play dead”, “take a bow”, or to bark on cue.

  • Resource guarding of food or toys etc.

Our dog training service offers private lessons: